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This chat service allows you to talk to people around the world. Your browser must support Java to use this Chat Page.(*) To talk, first wait till the Java applet has started, then type in the field in the middle a "nickname", the name you will be known as to the people chatting with you (example: 'fisherman'). Next choose your gender from the drop down. Then press enter or return. To send a message, just type it in the text box near the bottom and press enter or return. Here are a couple of useful chat commands. For help, type in .help (period help) or /help (forward slash help) and the server will list a few options. To exit, type .quit or /quit. Remember to press enter or return after each command. Happy Chatting!!!

The above Chat Service is provided courtesy of SPiN

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(*) Don't have Java? Try MIRC!
. . . . . or ICQ

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